Located near Lesterville & Annapolis, the Black River is a crystal clear river, perfect for floating, tubing and swimming. The amazing Johnson’s Shut-Ins is located on the Black River. There are many establishments offering floating down the black river in both tubes and canoes. Come float during the day and stay with us in the evening!

The three forks of the Black River rise virtually within the shadow of the highest point in the state, Taum Sauk Mountain, and join near Parks Bluff. The upper Black is exceptionally clear and has enough feeder springs to produce good smallmouth bass fishing. Some of the most beautiful scenery in Missouri is found in the upper reaches of the Black. This includes several “shut-ins,” areas where the stream runs through jumbled rocks and potholes in gorge-like valleys. One such area open to the public is Johnson Shut-ins State Park on the East Fork.

(14 miles south on Hwy 21 from Pilot Knob)