Shuttle service is available from Shepherd Mountain Inn. Conveniently get to over 20 local trail heads. 

In addition to the convenience of the shuttle ride, you will also be provided with guided maps and personal services from locals who love the area. 

Enjoy peace of mind on the hike, knowing your vehicle is safely parked at our award winning hotel. 

Call to get your next adventure on the books!

Ozark Trail Heads Serviced

  • North DD Trail Head
  • Council Bluff Trail head
  • 32/DD Trail Head
  • Bell Mountain North Trail Head
  • Highway A Trail head
  • Johnson’s Shut-Ins Trail Head
  • Goggins Mountain Trail Head
  • Highway “N” Scour Trial Head
  • Taum Sauk Mountain Trail Head
  • Russell Mountain Trail Head
  • Highway 21 Royal Gorge Trail Head
  • Crane Lake Trail Head
  • Marble Creek Trail Head

Other Trail Heads Serviced

  • Ketcherside Mountain
  • Hughes Mountain
  • Buford Mountain
  • Shepherd Mountain
  • Shepherd Mountain Lake
  • Silver Mines Recreation Area
  • Elephant Rocks
  • Millstream Gardens Conservation Area
  • Mina Sauk Falls