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Arcadia Valley Blog

Take a Guided Hike to the top of Pilot Knob

In May, the US Fish and Wildlife Service staff will lead guided hikes to the top of Pilot Knob Mountain. Experience one of the best views in the Ozarks.

Hikers will experience steep terrain, loose rock and uneven footing. Participants will need to be physically able to make the hike. 

Hike Times…

  • Wednesday, May 18th: 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, May 22: 9:00 a.m. 

Pre-registration is required. Call the 573.222.3589 to make reservations. Space is limited. 

Spectacular Waterfalls

Now is a great time to explore the beautiful Arcadia Valley. Waterfalls are in full bloom following the Spring rain. Experience the highest waterfall in the state… and some of the most beautiful in all of the Ozarks!

Get a Ride to Your Favorite Trail

Shuttle service is available from Shepherd Mountain Inn. Conveniently get to over 20 local trail heads. 

In addition to the convenience of the shuttle ride, you will also be provided with guided maps and personal services from locals who love the area. 

Enjoy peace of mind on the hike, knowing your vehicle is safely parked at our award winning hotel. 

Call to get your next adventure on the books!

Ozark Trail Heads Serviced

  • North DD Trail Head
  • Council Bluff Trail head
  • 32/DD Trail Head
  • Bell Mountain North Trail Head
  • Highway A Trail head
  • Johnson’s Shut-Ins Trail Head
  • Goggins Mountain Trail Head
  • Highway “N” Scour Trial Head
  • Taum Sauk Mountain Trail Head
  • Russell Mountain Trail Head
  • Highway 21 Royal Gorge Trail Head
  • Crane Lake Trail Head
  • Marble Creek Trail Head

Other Trail Heads Serviced

  • Ketcherside Mountain
  • Hughes Mountain
  • Buford Mountain
  • Shepherd Mountain
  • Shepherd Mountain Lake
  • Silver Mines Recreation Area
  • Elephant Rocks
  • Millstream Gardens Conservation Area
  • Mina Sauk Falls

Millstream Gardens to Silver Mines Hike

This 2.5-mile, one-way trail takes you along the river bottom and through the forest.  The river portions are along the Tieman Shut-Ins.  The trail will lead you to Silver Mines where you can view the remains of a large mining dam.  This hike is beautiful with many overlook areas and rock formations along the river. 

Get there – From Shepherd Mountain Inn… travel eight miles east on Hwy. 72

Mina Sauk Trail

Climb to the top of Taum Sauk Mountain State Park and be on top of Missouri – literally!  The park’s glades provide a beautiful, solitary experience for hikers.  There is a short, paved trail leading to Missouri’s highest point.  From there the Mina Sauk trail is a rugged 3-mile loop, taking you to the state’s tallest waterfall. 

From Shepherd Mountain Inn… 8 miles south on Hwy. 21, then take Hwy CC

Ketcherside Mountain

A relatively new hiking trail in the area, Ketcherside Mountain is abundant with fantastic views.  There is a special treat of walking alongside an active railroad track.  This is a 2.3-mile loop trail, rated moderate.  This is a photographer’s paradise with its natural rock bluffs and amazing views. 

7 miles south on Hwy 21

Hughes Mountain

Hughes Mountain –Devils Honeycomb – This is a short hike with surprising views.  Total distance to the top and back is 1.5 miles.  Not only will you be greeted with a fantastic view, but you’ll enjoy the unusual rock formations.  Devil’s Honeycomb is known as a geologic wonder in Missouri.  The view is worth the short uphill trip, and the total trip will take less than an hour, although you’ll want totake a little longer to enjoy the view and the interesting  rock formations.  (Five miles east on Hwy M from Hwy 21)

Bell Mountain

Bell Mountain Overlook – This 12-mile loop trail has been noted by many as a favorite quiet spot.  You can dothe entire hike or take the trail to the left and head uphill two miles to the scenic overlook, then return by the same pathway.  This is an alternative for those who aren’t up for 12 miles but want to get the great view.  (Hwy 32 to Hwy A, approximately 20 miles from SMI)

Veteran’s Day Tribute

On Veterans Day, Nov. 11, we pay tribute to those who have honorably served in the military – both during wartime and peacetime.  The observance dates back to 1919 when President Woodrow Wilson named November 11 Armistice Day – marking the armistice signed between the Allies and Germany at Compiegne, France.  In 1938, November 11 became a legal holiday.  In 1954, Armistice Day legally became Veterans Day.   There are approximately 22 million veterans – about 7 percent of the U.S. population. 

We honor the service of our veterans by offering them a discount on their stay at the Shepherd Mountain Inn.